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What is fair fashion, and why do we need to support it?

ne of the problems that most of us encounter in 2023 is the disparity between rich and poor people. That’s especially prevalent in the fashion industry. Amancio Ortega, the owner of Inditex, has an estimated net worth of $84.7 billion. By comparison, according to Statista, in Ethiopia, the lowest monthly wage for garment workers is $26 a month. That’s a huge discrepancy, and it shows why fair fashion is very much needed.

What is fair fashion?

Also known as ethical fashion, fair fashion is a concept focusing on fairness and ensuring everyone is paid a fair wage. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is widely known for the fact that those people working on garments receive a very low amount of money. Many of these are women and even children who are severely underpaid, many times residing in third-world countries.

These people struggle to survive and live their lives. Fair fashion, a concept that Cuddly World also supports 100%, is all about making sure that anyone working on fashion products is paid fairly and has safe working conditions.

Many fashion products are made in unsafe, unhealthy places

One of the problems within the fashion industry right now is that some of the garments are made in places without proper safety measures. It becomes very dangerous for all workers to do their jobs, and many of them are prone to fatal accidents. Even if there was a focus on making legal changes and preventing this from happening, things are going very slowly.

The other problem is fairness when it comes to paying people. In countries like Bangladesh or Vietnam, people can’t live on minimum wage salaries since that covers only 60% of the living costs. The fashion industry salaries are sometimes even worse than that, especially in those less-than-legal establishments. And that becomes an issue if your entire focus is on fairness and preventing any issues.

Fair fashion wants to eliminate this huge disparity between the production prices and the finite price of an item. What you will notice is that most garments are made at a low cost, then they are sold at X times the price, with the huge difference being a profit for the fashion companies. The concept of fair fashion is here to help remove the unfairness while ensuring that everyone gets paid properly and appropriately.

Preventing forced child labor

Another issue that fair fashion focuses on solving is child labor. Whether we like it or not, child labor is a part of our society and something common in certain parts of the world. It doesn’t help that around 36 million people live in modern slavery, either. That’s why many people in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, or India will send their kids to work, thus forcing them to skip school.

Is it a good idea to support fair fashion?

Yes, one of the main benefits of fair fashion is that it showcases the huge problems within the fashion industry while also offering a solution. Fair, ethical fashion is all about delivering the best products to customers while being fair to the people creating these garments. It also does an excellent job when it comes to supporting safer work conditions, something that has become a huge issue, especially in the past few decades.

Plus, by using higher-quality materials, workers are not exposed to toxins as much, and the work environment is much healthier. That also helps protect the environment, an issue that many within the fashion industry are not really tackling as much, at least for the time being.

Slow fashion and fair fashion products are meant to last, and they are dependable, not to mention they don’t rip or damage quickly. It’s a great investment for the person who purchases these items, not to mention the people working on them take pride in their work. Everyone wins with fair fashion, especially people in the production cycle who would otherwise be severely underpaid for their work.

We think that fair fashion is the best concept that will help push the fashion industry to the next level. Finding ways to boost the fashion world and take it to the next level can be difficult, but there are many different ways to achieve that. One thing is certain: fair fashion sets the tone when it comes to being eco-friendly while also creating high-quality products and taking better care of all fashion workers. It’s an amazing concept that will hopefully get adopted by everyone within this industry in the decades to come!

The problem is that kids end up being exploited throughout the production process by being forced to work hard and in very unhealthy conditions. On top of that, most of the time, kids are paid even less than regular workers, which is a huge issue. Unfortunately, since this works great for a lot of fashion companies, they rely on kids working from a young age, as it helps increase their profit margins. That definitely becomes an issue and one that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

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